"name": "Jakub Młokosiewicz",
    "website": "https://hckr.pl",
    "description": "I like to tinker with software",
    "cv": "../Jakub_Młokosiewcz_CV_en.pdf",
    "social profiles": {
        "GitHub": "https://github.com/hckr",
        "LinkedIn": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmlokosiewicz/",
        "StackOverflow": "https://stackoverflow.com/users/5114473/luke",
        "YouTube": "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2K9r5sqHOXO9H5zdd86Nw"
    "technologies used": [ // in the projects below, not all that I know ;)
        "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS", "C++", "Python", "matplotlib", "SFML", "WebExtensions", "C#", ".NET Core", "cryptography", "TBB", "png++", "Cordova", "userscript", "Arduino", "C", "neural networks", "reinforcement learning", "PHP", "wxPython", "Winsock"
    "selected projects": {
        "Throw an Arrow": {
            "description": "Throw an Arrow is a game made for Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2018",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/throw-an-arrow",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/throw-an-arrow",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript" ]
        "Space Logic Adventure": {
            "description": "Space Logic Adventure is an arcade game (with a pinch of logic I guess) made for Gynvael's Summer GameDev Challenge 2017",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/space-logic-adventure",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/space-logic-adventure",
            "technologies": [ "C++", "SFML" ]
        "Facebook Post Screenshot": {
            "description": "Firefox Web Extension to save Facebook posts as images",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/fb-post-screenshot",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/fb-post-screenshot/",
            "Firefox Add-ons website": "https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-post-screenshot/",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "WebExtensions" ]
        "Padding Oracle Attack": {
            "description": ".NET Core C# implementation of a padding oracle attack against AES CBC (PKCS7, ANSI X.923) along with a report with Q&A",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/padding-oracle-attack",
            "technologies": [ "C#", ".NET Core", "cryptography" ]
        "tbb_mandelbrot": {
            "description": "Generating and visualizing Mandelbrot set/fractal using Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and png++",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/tbb_mandelbrot",
            "technologies": [ "C++", "TBB", "png++" ]
        "Endless Horse Run": {
            "description": "A game in which a horse runs endlessly",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/endless-horse-run",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/endless-horse-run/",
            "android port": "https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.hckr.endlesshorserun",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "Cordova" ]
        "GitHub News Filter": {
            "description": "Userscript to filter GitHub news feed using case-insensitive regular expression",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/github-news-filter",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/github-news-filter/",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "userscript" ]
        "My Arduino projects": {
            "description": "Small projects using a well-known prototyping board",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/arduino",
            "technologies": [ "Arduino", "C" ]
        "Logic-algebraic yachting": {
            "description": "A project for Decision Support Systems classes",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/logic-algebraic-yachting",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/logic-algebraic-yachting/en.html",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS" ]
        "K-means visualization": {
            "description": "Two-dimensional visualization of k-means clustering algorithm",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/k-means-visualization",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/k-means-visualization/",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS" ]
        "Engineering thesis": {
            "description": "My engineering thesis on reinforcement learning applied to Connect 4",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/engineering-thesis",
            "technologies": [ "Python", "neural networks", "reinforcement learning" ]
        "Employee management (in Polish)": {
            "description": "A CRUD application for employee data management with different access levels",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/si_lab",
            "website": "http://si.luke.co.pl/",
            "technologies": [ "PHP", "HTML", "CSS" ]
        "sig_proc": {
            "description":"Library and scripts created to generate PDF reports for signal processing classes",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/sig_proc",
            "technologies": [ "Python", "matplotlib" ]
        "Fuzzer (in Polish)": {
            "description": "GUI script for fuzzy logic classes",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/fuzzer",
            "technologies": [ "Python", "wxPython", "matplotlib" ]
        "HTML5 video matrix code effect": {
            "description": "An attempt to create a \"matrix code\"-like effect on a(ny) video",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/html5-video-matrix-code-effect",
            "website": "https://hckr.pl/html5-video-matrix-code-effect/",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS" ]
        "SimpleHTTP": {
            "description": "A simple HTTP server written using C++ and Winsock",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/SimpleHTTP",
            "technologies": [ "C++", "Winsock" ]
        "ThreadPool": {
            "description": "A thread pool implementation in C++11",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/threadpool",
            "technologies": [ "C++" ]
        "Web GUI": {
            "description": "A very old project of mine. An attempt to create a web interface mimicking windows desktop",
            "code repository": "https://github.com/hckr/web-gui",
            "website": "http://gui-demo.luke.co.pl/",
            "technologies": [ "JavaScript", "HTML", "CSS" ]